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PO Box 337872, Greeley, CO                    

TAG Board of Directors

President: Laurie Anderson

Secretary: Brenda Vlasek

Treasurer: Steve Johns

League Coordinator: Laurie Anderson

Junior Coordinator: Brenda Vlasak & Laurie Anderson

Membership Coordinator:  Marissa Baca

Members at Large: Rosalie Krammer, Jim DeMesserman, Marissa Baca, Mike Malnati, and Sandi Selders

Serving thru 2018: Rosalie Kramer. Brian Underwood, Steve Johns, & Brenda Vlasak

Serving thru 2019: Laurie Anderson

Serving thru 2020: Sandy Selders, Jim DeMesserman, and Marissa Baca

  For location and date of the next Board meeting, contact a Borad member.

TAG Bylaws

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